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Imperial Gangsters | IGN

Imperial Gangster Nation

“Words of History” written by Victor “Vic”

From Concepts of the 20th Century forming the Spanish Gangster Disciple Nation. Written approximately 1-3-1982

Imperial Gangsters Kostner and Cortland section

"The life of a common street gang, a historical document manifested for future purposes of; our descendents having questions of how we as a people came about, and how we as a people progress in today’s era, as well as the yesterdays.

Speaking vividly as an original member of the Imperial Spanish Gangster’s, I can only try to put over 15 years of events on paper in a brief manner, many events herewith will remain known only to those of the Imperial Spanish Gangsters who lived through the history of the Nation. To bring out the reason why we as a people became a Nation; our first label was not Gangsters, we were just a bunch of young kids attending school, but being that the school was dominated by the whites, as Latino’s we fought against the whites almost everyday – never having intentions of being any specific group, so as time went by more Latino’s attended the school, thus giving the Latino’s more power and making survival easier.

In the year 1969 a section of the Imperial Gangsters had become known in the area of Armitage and Drake, by people like: Pito a said leader as well as Jabar, Lil Mexico, Lil Bug’s, Goyo, and Killer. Not having any real goal in mind but to be a defense to the white street gangs.

At the end of the same year another section of people came about which added another name to the already – Imperial Gangsters, being that most members were of Latin origin the second section became – Imperial Spanish Gangster’s, the section was labeled the Division and Grand people, or Cameron Gangster’s. In that same year a sweater was brought about by one – Jesse Rodriguez, or known as Lil Bug’s “R.I.P”, the sweater being black with baby pink cuts and trim. The first sweater thought of by the people of Cameron was to be black and white, but this unbalanced the two sections so to unite the two sections Cameron people accepted the pink and black, for a emblem which was a Imperial crown- it is always to be a rounded crown at the top, with 5 head band diamonds to distinguish the crown from the three point crown of the Latin Kings, a later enemy of the Nation.

As Imperial Spanish Gangster’s, the two sections decided to have their leaders, which was a president, a vice-president and a war chief. The first leaders started to live their personal lives with wives and from that the people of Armitage and Drake had to move the action to a different place and vote on new leadership.

The Imperial Gangster’s of Armitage and Drake had the business on Armitage tied up in their favor, restaurants, a theater, a cleaners, and partially a liquor store. These businesses were important because of the donated money handed to the people of Armitage and Drake. As a street gang many shootings took place, shootings against the white gangs who just didn’t like the Latino, and shooting against a street gang of Latinos who wanted all Latinos to become Latin Kings. But the two sections of Imperial Gangster’s held their ground and kept what was theirs.

A meeting took place in 1972 for the sections of Armitage people to move because they were too open for target and too open for the enemy of the law. The meeting was held in the Armitage theater which was a known place of the Gangster people. During the meeting it was known that the leaders of the new section was to be Lil Mexico as president, Goyo as vice president, and the move was to be on Palmer and Drake.

Imperial Gangster Nation

Lil Bug’s was considered for position, but because of his military involvement, he “Lil Bug’s” didn’t want the position.

Original Imperial gangsters card

For positions of the Cameron people, the first leader was Spanky as president, Tito as vice president – the people of Cameron had a change in leadership after a year or two, and the leadership was in one man known as; Godfather, he was the president and instead of a vice president, or war chief, the people of Cameron had their “main” people. People like; Tiny, Casanova, Jauquin, Mr. Doc, M.D. Ron, Cisco, “Secret Squirrel James”, Caveman R.I.P., Lil Man, Alberto, Tomo, Modesto, Fingers, Lil Joe, and Miguel “Chulito”, White Boy.

The Cameron people had a section of future’s who were; Sinbad, Cat, Milton Juni, Speedy, Armondo “Chico”, and Moreno. Moreno with his aggressive style and attitude became one of the main people and participated in the Gangster Nation with his life. A credit to the future’s for being young and having the heart of survival.

With Cameron being the back bone to the Nation of Gangster’s and with Armitage people having their money businesses, more sections were formed, as Palmer and Drake became larger, a section of people came about, being the Sawyer and Armitage people, stemming from the help of people like – Lil Bug’s and Lil Mexico, as for other factions of Gangster’s, there were – Continental Gangsters- originated by the Minister, Ghetto Gangsters originated by Mijo and the newest section of Imperial Spanish Gangster’s on North & Hamlin.

Two brother’s by the name of Smokey and Ellio are the ones who came up with the name Gangster’s, turned into the Imperial Gangster’s.

There were always lady Gangster’s to each section, ladies being mostly Latin and dedicated to our way; ladies like; Morena R.I.P., Miss Lee R.I.P., Flaca, Goofie, Bozo, Jeanie, Liz, Luz, Anita, Chiqueta, Happy, Smiley, Troubles, Peanut, Tita Maria, Elsa, Patty, Cateyes, Mary, GiGi, Herliena, and Gym Shoes. These ladies being a important part in our life, being mother to our peoples children and mostly by getting bonds together for those who found themselves in jail.

As Jail became part of the Nations life it brought about different ideas and made the members of the Nation smarter with sophisticated acts instead of openly – where jail was the next step.

Jumping to the year of 1976, this was the year the Imperial Spanish Gangsters had their share of dealing with the law, until 1976 members were going in jail and finding it hard to get out, so the next thing to do was deal with the jail system because there were more Gangster’s coming in jail than leaving the jail. In the jails the people of the Imperial Spanish Gangster’s found other allies that they’ve dealt with on the street, by allies I speak of; Maniac Latin Disciple’s, Satin’s Disciples, Latin Eagle’s, Spanish Cobra’s, O-A’S, Milwaukee Kings, and the Y.L.O. DISCIPLE’S......

Always a special tribute to our ladies, and to our families for putting up with our chaotic ways, to all the people who have suffered in making our Nation possible, all the goods and bads we’ve dealt with and we still live. My special love to two aggressive brothers of the Nation. Moreno and TopCat."

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