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Insane Popes Gang and President Larkin

Larkin President of the Popes

By Lil Larkin - His Brother

Kolmar Popes: Larry Larkin (Click Image)

Larry Larkin Morris photo, Popes 1970s Kolmar Park (CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGE)

Told as lived by a gang member - Lil Larkin - Larkin's Brother - who walked the walk and paid the price. May be offensive to some but is reality ever anything but?

Integration from the sp_cs and n_ggers of the day; we were shunned by the police, schools and neighborhood watch themselves. When it was Gaylords/Pope Nation, the Deuces and Latin Kings hid and trembled – we were stronger than the Klan itself. Unfortunately drugs hit the scene in the late sixties with everyone’s older brothers coming back from Vietnam, if they were blessed enough too. We stood strong, stood on American White principles, protected out families, friends and neighborhoods. What happened? Drugs are what tore us apart! I knew Jimmy Shirts well back then we were both pee-wee Popes at one time. Man, I still can’t believe what happened. I was 15 years old at the time, went completely off the wall, spent a lot of wasted years with a heart full of hate and hurt fueled by cheap booze and acid, and just about anything else one could get their hands on.

That’s a tough call on the name. When Jimmy Shirts and I were pee wee Popes together his name was Taco, mine was Saber. Lil Larkin at that time was Spicer, a midget Pope who Larkin looked at as a little brother. Since our own family was quite broken from not having a father, and I was being raised by alcoholic relatives, about a year after Larkin’s death, I fought Spicer in Independence Park and he gave up the name after a quick ass whipping. He never came around after Larkin got killed, he was, in my opinion, hiding in fear instead of standing up for my brother who gave l\his life for him, the club and the neighborhood.

My brother had a big influence on starting the South Side Popes along with some white power greasers from Marquette Park, who became Niles Stone Greasers, and later became known as the Niles Popes. Wanderer was not a cousin to Larkin. Wanderer was a white power stone greaser from Niles. Everyone wanted to say that they were related to Larkin to help build their image and live of his reputation and legacy. I knew Wanderer well. He was a down brother who stood firm on white power. I lost track of him as well as so many other over the past 10 to 20 years. The Chicago PD literally ran me and my family into the ground and eventually out of Chicago.

After Larkin’s death, Dago took over as president; Lil John as vice president, and I, at the age of 16, as War Lord. One by one everyone disappeared, got killed or went to prison. I took over what was left of the North Side Popes at the age of 17 years old, fighting everyone and everybody who cared to step up. There was only a handful of us. We were all just street kids from broken homes that were bound together by the neighborhood Larkin instilled in us. I was stabbed seven different times, shot three and went to Cook County Jail 120 times.

Larkin - Insane Popes

Larry Larkin - The Popes most influential president

I, as well as a few others, was founding members of the R/P Nation. Once again – drugs mostly tore that to pieces. No unity - and everyone wanting to do their own thing and making a name for themselves.

We would walk from section to section daily as well as the lake from and Lawrence and Rockwell. Those Greeks back then were down brothers fighting their own war with the Latin Kings.

Believe it or not there still are Greek Popes. Larkin loved those brothers as they did him back then. As far as they were concerned, he was chief and president. Larkin was only 19 years old when he got killed. He accomplished so much in such a short time in uniting chapters, neighborhoods, and different clubs. However, he never got to see his daughter born, raise his stepson, or marry the women he loved. Never got to see his grandson born, who is a fine upstanding young man today. All for what colors, people – he gave his life for people who hid and were afraid to known as associates of his. It made me insane with anger. What a wasted life!

Larkin was all I had! My role model, sort of, I looked up to him as the baddest, coolest guy ever. Not only as the club leader, but as the father figure I never had; but as my big brother who tried to protect not only me, but everyone he liked and loved. After his passing, I had a death wish for sure. But, just as most young street kids of that time, the booze and drugs got most of us. Sober ten years now I think of all the guys I use to run with most are dead, locked up, or gone completely crazy. Thank God I’m still here to tell the tales. Thank God for those who made it out and thank God for Larkin who taught us all to stand up and fight for what you believe in? You fight for who and what you love, never run or rat on a brother or friend. An ass kicking ain’t shit. You get knocked down you get your ass back up and fight!

Never read it myself. However, those memories have kept me drunk and high on and off for near where over 35 years. Today, I go to a lot of meetings. I volunteer at the prison, where I live four times a month to keep telling the stories and how to break the vicious cycle of alcohol and drug addiction. There things can’t you can’t keep bottled up inside because resentment, anger, fear, guilt and emotions will eat a person alive!

By Lil Larkin - former President of the North Side Popes

Rest In Peace - Mick - Insane Popes